Ashpan Finder


With so many types of ashpans available choosing the right size ashpan for your fireplace can be very time consuming.



To use the Ashpan finder follow these simple steps:

1)  Measure the dimensions of your current ashpan as per the diagram below. (If you don’t have an ashpan then make a note of the sizes you will require).

2)  Input these dimensions into the fields.

3)  Press the Search button

4)  Double check the dimensions of each ashpan (especially the height) and choose the ashpan that suits you best.



If you can’t find the ashpan you want then contact us and we will look for you. Alternatively we may be able to modify an existing ashpan to suit your sizes if you require something to exact measurements.

* denotes a required field
* mm (please enter the maximum depth possible)
* mm (please enter the maximum width at front possible)
* mm (please enter the maximum width at back possible)