Fireplace Tiles

Fireplace Tiles

We welcome you to the most enchanting and exhilarating place for fireplace tiles. We have a huge selection of designs and colours available suitable for any fireside.

Because the fireplace is the focal point of most homes one needs to be very selective when it comes to choosing the tiles for a new fireplace or replacing tiles from an old fireplace.

We have the finest selection of fire tiles for all types of fireplaces. You can find tiles like tube lined tiles, transfer tiles, plain glazed tiles, cast iron sleeves and much more online. Browse through our selection and find the perfect set of tiles.

Here is a brief description of few types of fireplace tiles that you can find in our store:

Tube lined tiles - These types of tiles became very popular during the Edwardian and especially the Art Nouveau periods. Tube lining is a manufacturing method which produces a ribbed effect on the front of the tile meaning it is not completely flat and the design looks more three dimensional. These tiles are finished in a glazed coating.

Transfer tiles - These tiles are flat and depict a design on the front usually from a well-known artist from the period. The artist's specific design is transferred onto the face of the tile and finished in a glazed coating.

Plain glazed tiles - Plain in style in a range of different colours finished in a glazed coating.

Plain glazed tile spacers - Plain in style in a range of different colours finished in a glazed coating. Tile spacers are half the width of regular tiles and are used as spacers between tiles to create a more original, unique look.

Cast iron sleeves - Made out of cast iron usually in a shiny highlighted finish one of these can be slotted either side of the fireplace to create a more traditional look.