BURNER Fire Starters / Fire Lighters (Barrel of 100 Sachets)
BURNER Fire Starters / Fire Lighters (Barrel of 100 Sachets)

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BURNER Fire Starters / Fire Lighters (Barrel of 100 Sachets)

BURNER fire starters are by far the best fire lighters currently on the market, perfect for lighting up a fireplace, BBQ or bonfire with ease.

The sachets are made from Bio Oil which is odourless and environmentally friendly plus classed as a non-hazardous and non-poisonous material.

Burner fire starters have a low controlled flame meaning they can burn efficiently within the coal or wood in a confined area. They have a high surface area which prevents the fire lighter from choking itself in the ashes and will even light if exposed to high humidity or water.

Each sachet is self-contained and has a high flammable point (greater than 65 degrees Celsius). This means although extremely easy to light, they will not light by accident and as a result no flammable warnings are required on the packaging.


- Environmentally friendly, classed as non-poisonous and non-hazardous by the Swiss government (Bag No 88670)

- Certified by T.U.V in Germany according to latest DIN regulations (U DIN EN 1860-3, chemical construction, safe ignition, packaging, instruction manual, environment impact)

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